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Connecting the Dots

You could easily search the internet and find hundreds of leads.  But at Connect The Dots 4 U, Inc, we offer the personal touch.  Instead of compiling an unwieldy list of resources, our founder Dale Robertson has spoken directly with each service provider, entrepreneur, investor, and consultant that we recommend.  In that way, we are aware of the scope and the limitations of each of our associates.
To inquire about potential resources, please fill out this form.  Or for the most personalized service, we will provide our founder's personal cell phone and e-mail address.

We would be pleased to help you obtain funding for your project.  We would like to service your promotional needs by putting together a marketing package tailored to your needs (even TV production and commercial jingles) so that you can fulfill your dreams. 

Our prices are negotiable based on the scope and complexity of your project.

We at Connect The Dots 4 U, Inc, strive to help you find the right connection.  We can't promise that the partnerships you create will always work, but we will constantly search for new resources to help you make a good connection.
Sweet Thing
Boney James (Sweet Thing/It's All Good)
Former and current clients include:

Triplett Records

RainCheck Solutions

Baby Ima Star Studio

On-U, Inc.

Epiq Energy

World Pay

North American Power

Sichelski Consulting Ltd.